Lasik Q & A

Austin Texas Lasik

LASIK procedures have been booming, especially in larger cities, in recent decades, and Austin LASIK surgery options are almost everywhere. If you are interested in a LASIK procedure in the city of Austin, you may be a bit overwhelmed at all the businesses clamoring for your attention. In order to choose the right facility for your corrective eye surgery, take some time and follow these helpful tips.

While most LASIK facilities offer their own pre-evaluation exam, it is recommended that you see an independent ophthalmologist first. Let the ophthalmologist know that you need a LASIK evaluation exam; if you wear contacts you will need to switch to glasses for at least 2 weeks before this initial exam. The ophthalmologist will let you know if you qualify for LASIK, what type of LASIK surgery may suit you better, and the doctor will be able to answer any initial questions you have regarding LASIK. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can begin your Austin LASIK surgery search.

A few things you need to keep in mind when you start reviewing potential facilities for your LASIK surgery include the type of facility, the location of the facility, and the experience of the surgeon. Some people feel much more comfortable receiving LASIK in a large institute-type atmosphere; other people are more comfortable with a private surgeon where they can receive one on one attention. Visit some of the different types of facilities available in order to find an atmosphere that you are more comfortable in. Try to find a facility in a location where you can find reliable transportation to and from your surgery and post-op visits as well.

It is vitally important that you always check a potential surgeon’s experience level and reputation. Interview surgeons before you commit to surgery, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always research the surgeon or facility with consumer advisory boards and medical boards.

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