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How To Decide If LASIK is Right For Me

There are several factors that determine if LASIK eye surgery is right for you.

1. If you are scared to take risks -
Currently there are no current procedures with long-term explanations in
LASIK. You can avoid certain problems if you are scared to take risks.
2. Your Job –
You will need to check with your employers to ensure that you qualify for
LASIK surgery. Some employers, such as military employers, society, etc will
not allow refractive LASIK surgery.
3. Medical Insurance –
Most of the medical policies or insurance will have stipulations, clauses. Look
in your insurance plan to see if your policy covers LASIK surgery. Most do not.
LASIK is an expensive process, so make sure that you can pay for the
procedures if your insurance will not cover you.

Other factors to consider is that if you are required to change your bifocal or contact lens prescription after one year, then you will need to check the “refractive instability” rules of engagement with your insurance providers and doctors, or whoever requires the change. Who fits this criteria?

1. Those twenty-years of age or younger fit the criteria.
2. Those with diabetes, or other disease that cause hormone fluctuation
3. Those who take medications that affect the eyesight
4. Those who are breastfeeding or who is pregnant

If you fit this criteria, it is important that you discuss any risks with your doctor. If you have or on:

1. Medications that affect healing of wounds, such as Retinoic, Steroids, etc, or
have a disease that hinders healing, such as autoimmune disorders, lupus,
arthritis, rheumatoid, immunodeficiency HIV, diabetes, etc, discuss the risks
with your doctor.
2. Wrestlers, boxers, martial arts, or those in contact sports should discuss risks
with their doctor prior to LASIK surgery if you qualify.
3. If you are under 18-years of age, you do not qualify for LASIK surgery.

What are the precautions with LASIK surgery?
This is a question you should ask your doctor. Mostly, patients should consider their history of disease and discuss that history with their doctor before LASIK surgery.

If you have a history of:
1. Shingles, Zoster or Simplex Herpes that affects your eyes –
2. Keratoconus
3. Previous eye surgeries or injuries
4. Ocular hypertension, glaucoma suspect, or Glaucoma,
5. Inflammatory disorders of the eye, iritis, uveitis, or other eye disease

You will also need to consider risks such as:
1. Large Pupil – Your doctor should evaluate your eyes in a dark lit room if you
have large pupils. Certain people who take medications, or younger people
pupils generally are larger, which the pupils often dilate and become larger in
dimmer light. Symptoms can develop from LASIK if you have this condition,
which these symptoms include starbursts, halos, glare, double vision, and so
forth. Debilitating can develop also. This could mean that you will not be able
to go out in foggy weather, at night, etc.
2. Inflammatory eye conditions of the eyelids where as the eyelashes are crusty
is known as
Blepharitis. LASIK surgery could increase your risks of inflammation or infection
of the eye’s cornea.
3. Cornea Thinning is a condition that emerges when thin covers of transparent
around the eye and about the iris, which is the part of the eye that is
covered. Since LASIK is designed to reshape the cornea, remove tissues, thus
those with thin covers are at risk of blindness, including permanent blindness.
4. If you have had other LASIK surgeries in the past, you should discuss LASIK
with your doctor. If you had LASIK, PRK, or RK surgery you may not qualify for
another LASIK procedure.
5. IF you have dry eye conditions, LASIK surgery may not be recommended as
the surgery can agitate your eye problem.

To learn more about LASIK, speak with your doctor or read other articles on the Internet.

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