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Lasik Age: Is Lasik Surgery O.K for the Elderly ?

Lasik Age: Refractive surgery or LASIK is a procedure designed to help the elderly and others with vision problems to find hope. New studies reveal that LASIK surgery is one of the most efficacy and safe procedures for correcting eye problems for patients who are 70. But, for patients older than 70, LASIK may not be the answer.

Patients 20 and up however, reports claim there are some slight differences. LASIK surgery is not for people over 70 according to experts. However, there are options for elderly people. Refractive surgeries as well as some corneal surgeries are available.

Today there are innovative scientific breakthrough and advancements in LASIK refractive surgery. Doctors have been afforded other choices for treating elderly patients with eye problems. Patients who have eye problems, such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, can find hope with Intralase.

The revolutionary breakthrough in eye surgeries, Intralase the most recent procedures, which a femtosecond laser (bladeless knife) is used to correct eye problems. Intralase is designed for all regardless of age, and this is one of the safer surgeries for correcting eye problems.

You should discuss with your doctor about the differences between LASIK and Intralase. You can find safety alerts and other information including about drugs, LASIK, and Intralase by visiting the “Health and Human MedWatch services. Click here to learn more.

Aging and Eyesight Factors

As a person ages their eyesight often starts to weaken. Some people suffer with farsightedness, Presbyopia, or nearsightedness. Cataracts also cause eye problems. Diseases can develop, which can affect the eyes. Disease such as glaucoma is common for the elderly.

To reduce your risks of disease, cataracts, or other eye conditions, you can take some action now. Setting up a healthy diet, and exercise can reduce risks of disease tremendously. If you are at risk of diabetes, or have diabetes it can affect your eyes negatively. You must see your doctor regularly, exercise and eat healthy to reduce your risks.

Despite if you have eye problems, or at risk of disease that can affect your eyes, there is hope. LASIK surgery and Intralase are two of the choice surgeries that can help you overcome most eye problems. If eyeglasses or contact lens is not doing the job, speak with your eye doctor about LASIK or Intralase.

If you are still young, you can learn some eye workouts or exercises to improve your eyesight as well as reduce risks of eye problems as you age.

Here are some helpful tips to improve your vision:

1. Visit your eye doctor annually to maintain your vision and reduce risks of disease.
2. Eat healthy and exercise your eyes.
3. Get annual physical checkups to reduce risks and discover potential diseases that could affect your vision. Catching diseases early can help you avoid complications.
4. Speak with the LASIK surgeon prior to your surgery if you intend to have LASIK. Discuss any risks and benefits. Become well-versed about LASIK surgery prior to the procedures. Learn about the disadvantages as well as the benefits of the surgery ahead of time. Learn the effective aftercare procedures and follow them to the letter.
5. Before going to screening, let your doctor know if you have a family history of eye problems or disease that affects the eyes.
6. Protect your eyes from the solar or sun. Wear UV sunglasses at all times that you are in the sun. UV penetrates the cloudy skies including during hazy weather. Too much sun exposure can
damage your vision and increase risks of eye problems.

We must take care of ourselves at all times, especially throughout our aging process which starts at 30. Healthy vision reflects from one’s lifestyle. Eating healthy, exercise, and daily supplements can help reduce your risks.

Questions about LASIK or Intralase surgery are available through your doctor. Discuss with your doctor how Intralase or LASIK can improve your vision. Also take steps by asking your doctor to help you learn the proper ways to maintain and improve your vision.

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