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LASIK Becoming a Hollywood Trends for Celebrities

LASIK surgery has caught a lot of people’s attention, including well known celebrities. Realty Shows are even placing great emphasis on LASIK surgery. In fact, in one of the reality TV shows, the Newlyweds, one of the actresses, Jessica Simpson underwent LASIK. She acted the part well. In fact through the procedure she seemed quite nervous, just as any patient would under the knife.

The part was played well by the doctors and actors. The doctors throughout the LASIK procedure performed the real life procedures of LASIK just as doctors do in real life offices. After giving the patient a sedative to relax her, Jessica was prepped for LASIK. LASIK is one of the less invasive surgical procedures and for this reason the patient is giving only a sedative but he or she is awake throughout the process. For most people the thought of surgery alone is frightening. Just imagine how people think when they find out they are awake during LASIK surgery.

Celebrities fight through the fear however as many of them agree to plastic surgery or LASIK in order to enhance or improve their features and overall health. If you are striving to be like your favorite actor who had LASIK, and you can afford it, LASIK or even plastic surgery may be worth your while. You will need to learn more about the procedures. If you intend to use LASIK to improve your vision, then you are off to a great start.

Now that you have your goal in mind you want to make sure that you find a licensed surgeon qualified to perform the surgery. Surgeons who have a lot of experience are often recommended.

LASIK clinics are setup around the world, but some have an excellent reputation while others do not. Some of the clinics will offer finance options for patients who do not have the funds to cover the costs. Some clinics even lower their prices. Quality however is the most important thing you want to consider.

Often it is difficult for anyone to tell which celebrity had plastic or LASIK surgery unless it is publicly announced. Kathy Griffin is one of the few celebrities who publicly announced her LASIK surgery. Tiger Woods, Courtney Cox, John Tesh, Drew Carey, Lorenzo Lams, Kidman, Troy Aikman, and Michael Bolton are few of the other celebrities who have benefited from LASIK. I am sure others in Hollywood have chosen LASIK surgery to improve their vision also.

In summary, many people, including celebrities benefit from LASIK. LASIK can improve your ability to see. Therefore, if your career alternatively requires that you have excellent vision, LASIK may be your solution.

When LASIK first came out, doctors made many mistakes along the way. Many patients had suffered from the mistakes made by doctors. Some people suffered with conditions that caused them to see halos before their eyes. This condition is known as haloing. Patients who had their vision interrupted from LASIK also had difficult seeing at night. Haloing caused the patient to see halos or bright lights, especially during night hours. Seeing things clearly was very difficult for those who paid the consequences of the LASIK surgeon’s mistakes. Today however, doctors have more advanced equipment, which helps them to adjust and monitor the equipment as well as the patient more closely.
Patients today are advised to seek answers and become well versed about LASIK, particularly if that person intends to undergo surgery. There are risks for everyone. Some people have experienced severe problems from LASIK surgery that caused them to stay at home during night hours. In fact, Adam Clayton from the U2 band had to stop driving at night due to some problems he had after LASIK.

Plastic Surgery or Extreme Cosmetic Makeovers

The advancements in LASIK equipment today have made some headway. In fact, programs such as Extreme Makeover were created and in the televised program the actors will demonstrate makeovers, which include LASIK surgery. Plastic and LASIK surgery both are used in these programs to show the public how the surgeries work to improve your vision or features. Common people are used in the program. Free services are giving to these people who voluntarily join the show to undergo invasive plastic surgery, LASIK, and dental laser repair. Most of the participants enjoy the final results.

If you are considering LASIK it is recommended that you find an experienced surgeon. The surgeon has a duty to find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK. If you want to improve your looks and health like the celebrities, make sure that you get a good surgeon. Learn about the benefits and risks involved.

Make sure that LASIK is for you. Just because Jessica Simpson got LASIK surgery it does not mean you have to run out and go through the procedure. Your doctor will help you decide if LASIK is right for you. Right now LASIK is a common procedure, but the future just might bright brighter rewards for those who simply want to improve their eyes.

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