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LASIK Financing and Cost

The number of patients receiving LASIK corrective eye surgery in the past decade has exploded. Thanks to new innovative techniques and technologies LASIK is now safer and more effective than ever, and thousands of people who are tired of wearing contacts and glasses have decided to undergo LASIK procedures. As a result the LASIK industry is now highly competitive. LASIK institutions, facilities, and private surgeons are all clamoring for new business; as a result, LASIK financing options are now available for those who cannot afford the cost of LASIK surgery upfront. If you are interested in LASIK procedures, you should be aware of what types of costs to expect and the risks involved with financing these procedures.

LASIK costs have steadily risen in recent decades due to the new technologies and techniques that are making these procedures so popular. There is hardly ever a flat rate that is given to patients for LASIK surgeries. Rather there is a range of average prices that consumers can expect to pay. The difference in prices has to do with the type of procedure performed, and the level of myopia or astigmatism being addressed. On average consumers can expect to pay between $1300 - $2950, per eye, for LASIK surgery. Traditional LASIK procedures are generally on the lower end of the pay scale, Flapless procedures such as PRK and LASEK are in the middle, and LASIK procedures that incorporate Wavefront custom technology are on the higher end of the scale.

When you are looking at prices for LASIK surgery, keep in mind that you may not qualify for some types of surgery. Patients who have thin corneas, or who have severe myopias or astigmatisms, often do not qualify for standard LASIK procedures. Additionally, Wavefront custom technology offers custom mapping of your cornea and is regarded as a more precise eye correction surgery. Cost is always a concern, but cost should never be a deciding factor as to which type of surgery you choose.

As LASIK procedures are now a competitive industry, many facilities, surgeons, and institutions now offer financing options. While many of these financing options include interest free payments, or no money down options, read the terms of the contract carefully. Some financing options do not include fees, or they do not include such items as pre-op evaluations, post-op care, medical costs if complications occur, and medications.

Consumers should also approach companies which advertise extremely low prices for LASIK, such as $299 an eye or even $99 an eye, with caution. These low prices are not the actual price of the surgery; they are teaser rates that are given in order to entice people into a place of business. Once a potential client walks in, they find that the $299 eye surgery does not cover those with astigmatism, or does not cover fees, taxes, post-op visits, pre-op evaluation, and medications. Due to the fact that astigmatism occurs in some degree in most people, even those without vision troubles, consumer advocates are now lobbying for an end to the ridiculous low teaser prices that are often advertised. In fact, studies have proven that consumers actually end of paying more for surgery at facilities which entice them in through these low, low prices.

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