Medications and LASIK Surgery

It is no secret that some medications can create or even increase your risks, causing major problems. This is true even with LASIK surgery. Medications can reduce your LASIK efficacy. Dry eye is a common problem caused from certain medications. Other medications cause other sorts of vision problems. Your licensed ophthalmologist should know about the medicines that you are taking prior to surgery. This includes your prescriptions, recreational and over-the-counter meds. Some of the medications that could cause you problems include:

Acne Medication
Beta Blockers
Muscle Relaxers
HRT -Hormone Replacement Therapy

About Acne Medicine

The side effects are what you need to consider. Although acne medicines treat acne conditions, it can cause dry eyes. You should avoid using accutane or acne meds up to six months before you go to surgery and after your LASIK surgery. Dry eye can affect your eyes and cause complications.

About Antihistamines

Antihistamines help to control medical conditions, such as allergies. The medication however causes dry eye for some people. If you take prescribed antihistamines, speak with your qualified ophthalmologist before you go to surgery. You may be required to stop using the medicines until your aftercare is over. Your doctor can recommend some other allergic solutions to help cutback risks before and after surgery.

About Beta Blockers

Heart problems, anxiety, glaucoma, migraines, and so on are just some of the conditions doctors will use beta blockers to treat. The medication causes dry eye for some people. Speak with your doctor before surgery to find out if you should discontinue the medications for a short while until after your recovery cycle is over from LASIK surgery. Before you stop taking any medications, speak with your medical doctor who prescribed the medicines because stopping medicines abruptly can lead to some serious complications. You may need to consider safer options other than LASIK to correct your eye problems.

About Diuretics

Dry eye can develop from taking Diuretics. These are water pills to remove water buildup within the body.

About Sedatives

Sedatives are developed to help control muscles by encouraging them to relax. Sedatives have been known to cause the eyes to open partially during a person’s sleep. Moisture evaporates, which can cause dry eye thus increasing your risks of negative LASIK results.

About Muscle Relaxers

Like sedatives, muscle relaxers relax tension and can cause dry eye.

About HRT- Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dry eye is common for those who take HRT. Studies have revealed that women taking HRT do not always experience vision improvements.

About Viagra

While Viagra is not known to be a problem for LASIK patients, problems can develop. The side effects, such as decreasing vision, light sensitivity, double vision, blurry, and other problems can develop from Viagra. Selling, redness, bleeding, and burning are other side effects caused for some people who have taking Viagra. Because it is not determined in most instances the cause however, doctors prefer that you leave Viagra alone a short while before your surgery, and until you have completely recovered.

About Marijuana

People diagnosed with Glaucoma may be prescribed marijuana to treat pain, or to lower pressure. Avoid this prescription before and after LASIK for a short while or as recommended by your doctor. The side effects can lead to undercorrection of the eyes, which may involve a repeated surgery to correct the problem.

Caffeine, alcohol and other harmful substances should be avoided as well. Products which contain alcohol, such as lotions, creams, aftershaves, cologne, all can cause problems. Speak with your ophthalmologist in depth about risks, benefits, and what you need to avoid having a successful surgery.

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