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New Improvements With Epi-LASIK

Recently the Ocular Surgery News reported on current research involving new LASIK procedures. The results of that recent research suggest that patients undergoing photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) with the necessity for alcohol or additional mechanical aids may have better results with the Epi-LASIK procedure. Many doctors have been testing this procedure--combined with MORIA microkeratome--on patients that would otherwise be subjected to PRK, and their results have been promising.

What advantages does Epi-LASIK have over PRK? It provides virtually all of the benefits of PRK but with the added benefit of a quicker recovery. Many patients report that they regain usable vision within 48 hours.

The traditional LASIK and PRK procedures still have their preferred uses and have always yielded good results, but Epi-LASIK appears to be the next step in the evolution of LASIK technology. Epi-LASIK patients consistently report a shorter recovery period and fewer side effects or complications than those experienced by regular PRK or LASIK patients.

Experienced LASIK surgeons are embracing the new technique. They feel that the rapid recovery offered by Epi-LASIK puts less undue stress on patients, encouraging them to approach the recovery period with a more optimistic perspective. Keeping the patient’s perspective in mind, it is easy to understand how gratifying nearly immediate results can be. Obviously, patients that recover sooner benefit from their surgeries sooner not only with their improved vision but with an improved self-esteem.

A positive attitude has been proven to have its own positive influence on recovery. Most patients will experience some mild pain or side effects like visual disturbance, which can be stressful in the best of circumstances and unsettling in the worst. Knowing that these occurrences are temporary may help patients to summon the resolve to bear them with optimism.

What disadvantages does Epi-LASIK have when compared to PRK? None. Epi-LASIK patients have complication rates similar to those of PRK patients. In both surgeries, complications are rare.

With the advantages Epi-LASIK has over the old PRK procedure, and with no notable disadvantages, it’s no surprise that surgeons and patients alike are making Epi-LASIK their top choice.

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