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If you are living in Pasadena and you are interested in having LASIK surgery performed, you have a number of options available to you. Pasadena Lasik surgery can be performed at a specialized eye institution, at a LASIK surgery facility, or through an independent LASIK surgeon. In order to choose the right Pasadena LASIK surgery for you, follow the tips and guidelines below.

Before you begin to decide candidates for your LASIK surgery, you should have an examination performed by an independent ophthalmologist; let the ophthalmologist know that you want a LASIK evaluation. This examination will let you know if you are indeed a candidate for LASIK, if you require any type of specialized LASIK surgery, and the ophthalmologist can answer questions you have with regards to the procedure and risks. Once you know what type of LASIK procedure you qualify for, you can begin your search for the right doctor.

Before you speak with a doctor about your surgery, take the time to research the surgery first. Write down a list of questions you have about the surgery, and questions you need to ask the doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor these questions, answering your concerns and explaining the procedures and possible complications to you is part of their job. If the doctor passes this initial interview, check out the doctor through consumer advisory boards and medical boards as an extra precaution.

While cost is always a concern, it should not over rule your decision as to which doctor to choose. Many Pasadena LASIK eye surgeries offer financing and down payments, and LASIK eye surgery is often more affordable in larger cities like Pasadena. You will also need to choose a LASIK surgery in a location that you can reach through reliable transportation. You will need to arrange transportation to and from the surgery location, and you will also need reliable transportation for post-op appointments during the recovery period.

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