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Presby LASIK Is a Possible Solution For You

Presby LASIK surgery is a possible solution to eye correction surgery for those suffering from a condition called Presbyopia. This type of condition normally occurs in many people around the age of 40 as the aging cornea loses its elasticity. The result is the inability to focus on objects that are near. Presbyopia is also known as farsightedness, and most people who develop this condition use bifocals to correct their vision. In some cases, Presbyopia develops in those who already need glasses or contacts to see objects that are far away.

Presby LASIK was developed in order to create a ‘bifocal’ corneal correction; the procedure is also known as multifocal LASIK. The surgery is conducted much the same way as traditional LASIK, except that a PAC software program using a NAVEX Laser machine is used to reshape the cornea. The surgery results in a prolate cornea which is a cornea that has a flat center and an outward shape that gradually progresses outwards. The Presby LASIK surgery has been used to correct farsighted vision, nearsighted vision, astigmatism, and presbyopia conditions.

Presby LASIK is a unique procedure not only because it creates a multifocal cornea, but because it can be performed on those over the age of 40. Presby LASIK has also shown promising results regarding postoperative night vision problems that can occur with other types of eye corrective surgeries; the reason for reduced night vision problems is because the multifocal shape of the cornea naturally minimizes glare. While many patients who undergo Presby LASIK are able to throw away their glasses, some patients will eventually need to resort to reading glasses again as they age.

It is important to note that at this time Presby LASIK has not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is possible to receive this treatment in other countries, but it is highly recommended that you consult with a doctor in your own country about the procedure first. Currently the only way to receive Presby LASIK in the United States is to join a trial group. While Presby LASIK has not yet been approved by the FDA, preliminary studies have shown very positive results. Not all persons are a candidate for Presby LASIK. Those with eye conditions such as glaucoma or severe cataracts cannot undergo Presby surgery.

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