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Custom Wavefront LASIK: What Makes It "Custom" LASIK?

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries available today, and Custom Wavefront LASIK eye surgery is just one of them. The technologies involved in Custom Wavefront LASIK are what make this eye procedure truly customized to correct individual corneal irregularities that cause vision troubles. While Custom Wavefront procedures are highly recommended, not all persons qualify for this procedure, and there are some risks involved.

Traditional LASIK eye procedures use prescription information, and information provided by your eye doctor, to measure where the corneal incisions need to be placed in order to correct vision. Custom Wavefront LASIK takes this technology one step further. Instead of using standard information to correct vision, Custom Wavefront LASIK uses a 3-D map in order to measure all of the irregularities that occur on your cornea; this map is then used to customize your individual LASIK procedure. The wavefront technology is credited with improving how well you see in addition to how much you see; the custom procedure helps to address your own minute corneal irregularities that may not otherwise be addressed during conventional LASIK eye surgery.

Custom Wavefront LASIK has many advantages over standard LASIK procedures, but it is not for everyone. Persons who undergo a Custom Wavefront LASIK procedure have an increased chance of achieving 20/20, or better, vision; they are also at a lower risk for developing night-vision and glare problems and losing the quality of their original vision. However, Custom Wavefront LASIK is generally not recommended for persons who have thin corneas, and some persons may not have vision irregularities that can be corrected using LASIK of any kind including Custom Wavefront LASIK. Any type of eye surgery, including standard and custom LASIK eye surgery, can cause what is known as high order aberrations, or HOA, to the cornea; if a potential eye surgery candidate is found to already have HOAs, than they will probably not qualify for eye surgery.

Due to the enhanced computer imaging technique that Custom Wavefront LASIK eye surgery offers, you can expect this type of corrective eye surgery to be much more expensive than standard LASIK procedures. However the added benefits of Custom Wavefront LASIK are worth the cost.

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